Betwinner News India Sign Harbhajan Singh as Ambassador

Since gambling and betting brands are restricted from advertising in India and therefore, they are forced to utilize a number of different methods to push their brands. One of these methods is to launch news and content platforms which could be used to promote the primary brand, that is the betting site within the country. It can open up many opportunities for the brand such as branding and sponsorship opportunities.

One of the brands that has been operating as a betting website online for quite a while includes Betwinner. They have a presence in a variety of countries around the world , including Betwinner India, where users can bet on live and pre-match sports betting markets, making use of mainstream withdrawal and deposit methods, as well. Today, we’ll be discussing their sports-related website as well as its brand ambassador.

Their sports-related website is called Betwinner News It was in the last few days of this year that they announced one of India’s top Test players of the past to be their ambassador for brand. We’re talking about an off-spinner, and sometimes batsman, who scored more than 400 Test wickets and also represented India on three different formats as Harbhajan Singh.

“We are happy to announce our new brand ambassador great cricket player Harbhajan Singh,” stated after signing the famous cricketer as their brand ambassador. In the post, they shared numerous online posts that include images and videos in which the ‘Turbanator’, as was affectionately known promoted the website.